Lexus NX300h Failed To Learn From Audi’s Mistake

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Audi got a lot of heat when it was revealed that the exhaust on their Audi SQ5 was a fake exhaust. Auto fans were not pleased that automaker fin it a need to fake their exhaust so that their looks more “normal”.

Well, if you think that such a reaction will deter the other automakers from making the same mistake, you would be wrong. Lexus has just taken the covers off their NX300h model and based on the images, it looks like the NX300h model will also come with a fake exhaust.

Some people think that Lexus was just trying to get the design right for the Lexus NX300h and if it meant that the vehicle was going to get a fake exhaust to make it look good, so be it.

The fact is that most people won’t even mind that the “exhaust” in the back is not actually an exhaust. As long as the vehicle works but of course, it will be like a thorn under the skin of car enthusiast.

What do you think of the fake exhaust argument? Which side are you on?

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