What Lexus NX 200t Would Look Like If Toyota Made It [PICS]

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The 2016 Lexus NX 200t is without a doubt one of the most handsome new SUVs on the road. With that said, its styling is quite controversial due to the predator mouth grill and sharp angles throughout.

This does bring up an interesting question – given that the Lexus parent company is Toyota, we know that they share a lot of the same underpinnings and even teams. So what would it look like if Toyota had an NX type SUV in the works?

For one thing you can be certain that it wouldn’t have the sharp angles and wide grill that the Lexus does and obviously a lot of the upmarket technology. But moving back to styling, what could it look like?

Thankfully we have the Toyota CH-R concept coupled with some clever design renders done by Theophilus Chin to give us some indication of what exactly a Lexus NX 200t would have looked like if Toyota was at the helm.

At first glance, we must say that the styling does grow on you and is easier to digest than the Lexus NX200t. We also like how it catches the floating roof at the rear from the Lexus RX series and its aggressive stance that suits a small SUV crossover body.

What do you think of this Toyota concept? Should it be given a go?

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