Lexus LX 600: What Is Lexus Thinking?

Information from the American trademark filing suggests that Lexus is looking to add a few more SUVs to their lineup including an LX 600 which is a new nameplate.

While it did not say what the nameplate will be used for, AutoGuide reported that the vehicle will be an updated version of the LX 570 model. If that is the case, the 600 here could mean a 6.0-liter engine since the 570 is referring to the 5.7-liter engine that the vehicle has on.

However, there were also reports of Lexus looking to push the V8 aside and focus on the V6 engine but of course, these are all just speculation at this point as it could really be anything. In fact, just because they filed a trademark does not mean we will be seeing it on the road so take it all with a pinch of salt for now.

There were talks that the next LX would be coming in 2021.