Lexus GS Spotted Out In The Open

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Ever since Lexus announce that they were working on a Lexus GS successor, everybody has been hoping that they would get a glimpse of the vehicle. The vehicle seen in the image was heavily covered in camo stickers but many believe that it is the upcoming Lexus GS.

Based on the size of the prototype, it is easy to see why people wold think that this is the Lexus GS. Other pointed out that the Mercedes E-Class on the field also confirms that it is the GS since the E-Class would be one of its rivals when it finally arrives.

The images also reveal that the vehicle is a hybrid since automakers are required to display the yellow round sticker in the back for safety purposes.

There is not a whole lot of details about the Lexus GS right now but there were rumours suggesting that this would be the last Lexus GS model we will see as Lexus is looking to axe it due to financial problems.

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