Lexus Getting To Level 2 This Year

There have been a lot of talks about automakers pushing the autonomous tech of their vehicles and it was now announced that Lexus will have their first Level 2 vehicle out this year. Here is what we know now.

Lexus will be unveiling its first autonomous driving vehicle this year. While it might only be a Level 2 vehicle right now, the vehicle will also come with OTA update which means we could see it offer more in the future.

According to Koji Sato, the president of Lexus, the vehicle will allow drivers to have their hands off the steering but not their eyes off. What the consumers wanted to know now is if they will need to pay extra to enjoy the autonomous features but we will have to wait a little longer for that answer.

One of the tech that it will come with includes the Highway Teammate which uses LiDAR and cameras to help the car navigate. The vehicle can shift lanes automatically, follow lanes and pass other vehicles.