Lexus F-Performance Brand New Engine Claims Not Fooling Fans

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Despite all the changes that automakers have been making to their engines, Lexus has insisted on keeping their V8 engine but it looks like they might be considering a change.

According to Yoshihiro Sawa, Lexus president, they can’t stick to one solution when it comes to providing emotion which suggests that they might be thinking about offering another engine option in the future.

A few months ago, Lexus did suggest that they have several powertrains option ready and they even announce that they are working on a more powerful hybrid system. While he did not confirm that there will be more engines offered in the future, it does sound like that is where Lexus will be heading.

Of course, that is good news for Lexus fans but most of them are not buying it as Lexus has been hinting of an engine upgrade for the longest time now and we still have not seen anything from them yet.

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