Lego Makes Fun Of Tesla And Their Newly Announced Cybertruck

Some people seem happy with the Tesla Cybertruck design while others think that it is a little bit on the ridiculous side. Whatever side you are on, Tesla made sure that everybody will have something today including Lego.

Lego has just tweeted an image of their version of the truck that is said to be “guaranteed shatterproof” This is to poke fun at Tesla for trying to demonstrate that their vehicle is shatterproof but ended up shattering two windows in the demo.

Musk has since released another video showing that they actually did do a test behind the scene that worked just fine.

Even with all the blunders and chaos, Elon Musk announced that they still managed to get 250,000 reservations since the order books where open up. Interested buyers will only need to put down a $100 deposit to secure one for themselves.

As for the LEGO truck, it does not look like it will be available for pre-orders anytime soon.