Legends of Runeterra No Longer In Beta

The developer of Legends of Runeterra is done with testing the game as the developer announced that the game has officially launched on PC and mobile now. The game will arrive at different dates depending on the region but it will be arriving between the 28th of April to the 30th of April.

The launch of the game will come with an all-new set of cards called Rising Tides that will include some new champions and cards from LOL. The update will also bring in 11 champions, six keywords, and a new cosmetic board, new card backs, two cosmetic guardians, and also 120 new cards.

The Region will also get an update with the new pirate-themed Bilgewater turning into a region of its own. Log0in bonuses were also added to the game. For those that have been playing the beta version, their progress will be carried forward to the full version of the game.