Left 4 Dead Left To Die By Writers

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At this point, most people believe that the Left 4 Dead franchise is pretty much dead thanks to Valve but even if Valve does decide to bring it back now, it might be a little too late as those that did have a hand in the game are no longer with Valve anymore.

We know that the people working on the Left 4 Dead franchise are no longer with Valve which means even if Valve decides to bring back the game and create the third installment, the game might be very different from the Left 4 Dead we know.

Of course, there has not been any indication from Valve that might suggest that a third game is coming. Fans got their hopes up when it was announced that Left 4 Dead 3 was one of the game that Uzbekistan banned from the country but we are starting to feel like it might just be a type error.

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