Left 4 Dead 3: Might As Well Pronounce It Dead Now

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Even though there have not been much evidence suggesting that a new Left 4 Dead game might be on the way, the fans believe that it is based on a few leaks and rumors that have been going around but the latest report suggest that we might want to give up waiting now.

It has been reported that Erik Wolpaw has left Valve. In case you did not know, Wolpaw was one of the co-writer for the Left 4 Dead franchise. He also has a hand in Portal and Half-Life.

With Wolpaw now gone, fans believe that it is also the end of Portal, Half-Life and Left 4 Dead. If Valve really wanted to, they could get somebody else to write but since this is Valve, most people believe that they will just put the game aside and focus on creating more new IP for the future.

At this point, we really do not know what Valve has in store for us but it does not look too good for the Left 4 Dead franchise.

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