Launch Of Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Could Stop Launch Of iPhone 7 Dead

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The upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 may just stop the launch of the iPhone 7 dead in its tracks. We have heard that Samsung are launching the Note 6 on August 15, which isn’t too far away now.

Samsung moved the launch of the Galaxy Note 6 to ensure that it coincided with the launch of Android N. The device is hopefully going to be an improvement over the Note 5, which has sold well.

We are expecting the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to be bigger and give more time between charges and the device should offer up more RAM too. The handset may arrive with improvements to the camera and it could offer up a new processor. It may have waterproofing and support for SD card.

It is thought that Samsung have timed the launch perfectly to arrive when Android N arrives. If the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 does come with the latest OS installed it means that is well ahead of other some of the handsets on the market as they haven’t managed to get the update to Marshmallow yet.

But will the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 have what it takes to put a stop to the iPhone 7 Plus launch, we will have to wait and see.