Latest MacBook Pro Processor Is Already Old News

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The latest MacBook Pro comes with a decision that it very strange and we are talking about the processor. People have been waiting for around five years to get hold of a new version of the laptop and now that it has arrived it has come with a processor that is already old news.

Apple could have waited just a couple more months and then they could have offered up the very best and newest processor from Intel, but they didn’t.

We have hear that the Kaby Lake laptop processor is going to appear at the CES and the report came from someone that is reliable when it comes to offering rumours and news.

Asus, Lenovo, Gigabyte and MSI all plan on using the processor in their gaming laptops and ultra-books, so why couldn’t Apple wait just a while longer for the new Apple MacBook Pro and offer up the latest version of the processor, instead of one that is going to be out of date?

The Nvidia laptop sized 1050 GPU will also be coming out along with the Kaby Lake processor. The MacBook Pro on the other hand has the Skylake processor and is without a discrete GPU.

Life is going to be very difficult for Apple and the 13 inch MacBook Pro. It has been said that it doesn’t live up to the expectations already.