Land Rover Smartphone Heading Our Way

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The Land Rover name is generally more associated with making vehicles than making smartphones. However here we are talking about them being behind a new handset that is coming our way.

Land Rover has been working alongside the Bullitt Group to launch a device that is bespoke.

You may or may not know that this isn’t actually the first time that Land Rover has put their name to a phone. They were behind the Sonim S1, S2 and A9 devices. The new handset is making its way out at some point in 2017.

The Land Rover handset is a luxurious device that is also going to be a heavy duty device. The pair has worked together on creating accessories along with apps for the handset and these are specifically tailored towards those who enjoy living an active lifestyle.

But would you choose the Land Rover smartphone over devices from Samsung or LG?

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