Land Rover Fends Off Crows For Next-Gen Defender

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Bombardier Recreational Products had been using the name Defender but after a legal ruling they can no longer do so. The ban on using the name came from the European Court of Justice after Land Rover made a request.

The ban is going to affect BRP along with Ineos, they had plans to send out an off the road vehicle which used the Defender name. now their plans are going to have to be changed if they want to avoid any legal issues with Land Rover, who also have the Land Rover Defender.

A spokesperson said that the company was happy with the outcome and that they would be keeping a close eye to ensure that in the markets where Land Rover and Jaguar sell cars, the same thing doesn’t happen again.

BRP is also going to have to take the Defender badging away from their products, along with covering the legal costs associated with it. They have also got to pay JLR for damages for using the name.

The Defender name isn’t the only name that BRP has taken. They also have ATVs that have the names Renegade and Outlander. For now nothing has been said by Jeep or Mitsubishi, but they probably will after this.

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