Land Rover Device Coming Our Way

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The Land Rover is typically associated with vehicles not smartphone but here we are talking about a new device that is coming our way.

Land Rover is said to have been working with the Bullitt Group in the UK and they are going to launch a bespoke luxury device.

This isnt the first time that Land Rover have had their name associated with a device as they were linked with the Sonim, S1, S2 and the A9 handset. The latest device with their name attached is said to be coming out in 2017.

The smartphone from Land Rover is a luxury device and along with this it should come as a heavy duty phone. Land Rover and Bullitt will also be working on designing apps and accessories for the device and these will be tailored for people who live an active lifestyle.

But would you like to carry around a device from Land Rover?