Land Rover Android Smartphone Coming

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Yes you have read the title right, we are hearing that there is going to be a Land Rover Android Smartphone coming our way.

Land Rover is going to be working with Bullitt Group in the UK to launch what they have called a bespoke smartphone.

This isn’t the first time that Land Rover has had their name on a phone; they had their name on devices made by Sonim, the S1, S2 and the A9. Now we are hearing that the new device is going to be an Android and it is going to be released in 2017.

It is thought that the Land Rover smartphone is going to be a luxury device that comes with some heavy duty characteristics. Bullitt and Land Rover have also been working on technology accessories along with some bespoke apps, tailored towards those who like the outdoors.

But would you buy a Land Rover Android smartphone?

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