Land Rover Android Handset Coming Our Way

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While Land Rover is a name that is generally associated with vehicles, this time around we are talking about a new Land Rover Android handset.

The Land Rover smartphone is coming after Land Rover worked alongside the Bullit Group UK. They are launching what has been called a smartphone that is bespoke.

Of course this is not the only time that Land Rover have launched a smartphone. They have been associated with the Sonim, S1, S2 and A9. We are now hearing that the latest Android smartphone is going to come out in 2017.

The Land Rover smartphone is certainly going to be a device that is luxurious while at the same time it will have some characteristics that are heavy duty. Land Rover and Bullitt have been working on technology accessories and some bespoke apps that are for those who have a love of the great outdoors.

Do you want a Land Rover phone?