Kojima And Konami Get Into Another Big Fight

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We know that things haven’t been hunky dory between Kojima and Konami and this was since the latter killed of the Silent Hill game that wasn’t finished. When Kojima departed it became clear that the two are not happy with each other and now Kojima and Konami have got into a big fight when Kojima took another swipe at them.

Kojima is said to have hired Shinji Hirano as president of Kojima Production. He was president of Konami Digital Entertainment in both the European and American division. He then quit the job back in March and now according to his LinkedIn profile he is going to be working with Kojima Production.

With the previous position in Konami it is thought that the two would have plenty of experience working together and this is the reason why Kojima chose to hire Hirano as president of the production company. Or it could have been so that they could show Konami who was the boss.