Koenigseff Agera RS: You Could Reverse Engineer It

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One of the most exotic of supercars is the Koenigseff and it is almost among the rarest of vehicles. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, there is still not guarantee that you are going to be getting behind the wheel of one as it is a vehicle that is limited in production.

However now there is more chance of getting one that is if you want to spend money and time getting someone to reverse engineer it for you.

Koenigseff have launched a report that talks in-depth about the Agera RS powertrain and it gives you everything you need to know to reverse engineer it.

The Koenigseff Agera RS offers up the 5 litre V8 engine and this gives out 1,260 horsepower, that’s if you can get one or you have the money to make your own.

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