Koenigseff Agera RS: Reverse Engineered On Paper

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There is no doubt that one of the rarest and most exotic of super cars is the Koenigseff Agera RS. You might have all the money in the world but this doesn’t guarantee that you are going to get hold of one, but it does help of course, as the production volume is limited.

But if you want to know how the engine works and what mechanics were used on the vehicle then there is some good news.

Koenigseff have released a report that goes in-depth into the powertrain of the Agera RS and it provides you with enough details that if you had the time, money and effort, you could reverse engineer the vehicle.

The Koenigseff Agera RS comes with the V8 5 litre engine, offering up 1,160 horses. But would you fancy reverse engineering the vehicle?

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