Kingdom Hearts 3: World Count Begins

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Perhaps Square Enix really knows how to tease its fans; heightening the excitement and enthusiasm for fans even though Kingdom Hearts 3 would be rolled out very soon. The developer has recently hinted at the Jump Festa in Japan that the gameplay would be featuring different worlds, inclusive of a (hold your breath) Baymax-themed one too.

Gamers probably thought that Square Enix was done with announcing the two new Disney-themed worlds for Kingdom Hearts 3, but little did they know that (you may exhale now) Baymax – or rather, an armoured Baymax – would be included in the gameplay as well. We can’t imagine the excitement it must be for fans awaiting for the release, because we know we can’t exactly contain this amount of excitement too.

The prioritizing of creating more new worlds would be the main highlight of the game, and that’s probably why the opening scene for the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer was presented in such a way. Well, for what it’s worth, we just can’t wait for it to be released. Till then, stay tuned!

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