Kingdom Hearts 3 Triple Threat Explained

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We are all still waiting anxiously for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, and though there have been some rumours here and there surfacing as of late, there’s one that is seemingly convincing enough for us to think it could be proven true. That’s about content and it’s all thanks to a NowGamer’s recent interview with Tetsuya Nomura.

People have been wondering about the characterization element in the game and whether or not there will be three playable characters this time around. Since the first game included one playable character, the second game with two characters, so it’s only natural for the third to have three ones, right?

Director Nomura’s response came to light (sort of) when he explained about the possibility of it ever happening. The way we’re seeing it is already somewhat implying something is going to happen since he mentioned it’s a secret; no one’s to know if there will be three playable characters in the game.

That should do for the time being, no? Well, at least he said something rather than nothing at all, eh?

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