Kingdom Hearts 3 To Come With 3 Playable Characters?

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The first game that came out introduced us to one playable character, then Kingdom Hearts 2 came along with two characters; so it’s only natural to think that the third one would have three playable characters, right? We don’t know for sure when it’s going to be released exactly, but we do have the slightest hint that the possibility of three characters is there.

Director of Kingdom Hearts 3 didn’t disclose anything, but he’s sort of implying that there could be something that’s definitely going on in the third chapter of the series. While we all should be taking this with a large helping of salt, perhaps a little excitement would be harmless along the way, right?

We’re just hoping that it’s to be released as per what the people have been expecting, because it’s already been getting a lot of attention lately, so a little more wouldn’t hurt at all. Let’s keep it in our prayers tonight and hopefully we’ll have more good news to inform you as time passes by!

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