Kingdom Hearts 3 Teases New Drive Forms, New World

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We have seen a new tease about Kingdom Hearts 3 and it gives us an indication of the new drive forms along with confirming Mt Olympus.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is one game that the developer has managed for the most part to keep under wraps. Rumors about the game have been going around for more than ten years and it was confirmed to be under development in 2013. It’s been a long wait for gamers and fans but this week we have been treated to not one but two screenshots.

While the two new screenshots might not be revolutionary, there is more to them than first seems. If you take a look at the background you can see that you are in the world of Hercules. The lightning and cloud pillars give us an indication that this is in fact home of the gods, Mt Olympus. The Kingdom Hearts Twitter page points out that the image gives us a peek at the new Drive Form and this indicates that Drive Forms are coming back.

If you have played Kingdom Hearts 2 you will know that Drive Form activate special abilities and these give Sora amplified abilities along with a brand new outfit. The outfit seems to be based on defense as you can see that Sora is holding a shield and the form is Guard Form.

The second image happens to be more interesting and this is not down to what it shows, but what it doesn’t. the Twitter account said that the power form has been edited and this is due to the fact that the Keyblade comes from a world which hasn’t been released, so it was changed to look like a hammer shape.

This suggests that the white light is hiding the Keyblade due to it belonging to a world that hasn’t been revealed just yet. For now the speculation about what might come will continue and we will have to wait until the next piece of information is revealed.

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