Kingdom Hearts 3: More Than Expected

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Since Square Enix has made it clear that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be arriving this year, most of the fans were not expecting to see much of Kingdom Heart 3 at E3 2017 but Square Enix surprise us all with a more than decent E3 2017 trailer.

We got to see Donald Goofy and Sora back in action along with a few other Disney villains. The trailer also highlighted the new combat system for Kingdom Heart 3. The trailers gave us a better insight into the game than any of the trailer before this and the fans could not be happier.

However, the release date of the game is still a huge mystery right now. Most people think that 2018 will be the year but others think that Square Enix might push it into 2019.

The game will be arriving on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While waiting, why not pick up the other Kingdom Heart games and refresh your memory before Kingdom Heart 3 arrives?

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