Kingdom Heart 3 Will Have A Friend In Toy Story World

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One of the things that fans wanted to know about the upcoming Kingdom Heart 3 game was the new world that the game will have this time. Toy Story was one of the worlds that was speculated and Square Enix has now confirmed that Toy Story World will be part of the game.

The trailer that Square Enix showed off showed Sora meeting Woody, Buzz and a few of the main toys from the Toy Story world. The trailer also reveals that the game will not be tied to the house alone as players will be travelling to the toy store as well.

Hopefully, more details will be released soon. Square Enix also confirmed that the game will be released in 2018 but they did not reveal what month or day the game will be arriving.

What else are you hoping to see in the upcoming Kingdom Heart 3 game?

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