Kia To Have 16 Electrified Models To Offer In Five Years Time

Electric is the way of the future it seems as automakers race to get their EVs out into the market. For the Korean automaker Kia, their goal now would be to release 16 new electrified models by 2025.

According to the report by Periodismodel Motor, Kia will be pushing to have more EVs released in the near future and that we will be seeing five electric cars, five hybrids, five plug-in hybrid models and one hydrogen fuel-cell model come next year wearing their badge.

Of course, we are not expecting all of the 16 to be completely new as some of it could be facelifted and updated version of models that they are already offering right now.

For now, they will be starting the production for the XCeed and Ceed soon while also offering the hybrid and plug-in hybrid version of the Kia Sorrento. Kia also showed off their new Imagine concept. The Kia Soul was also given an electric variant called the e-Soul which will have about 281miles of range to offer.