Kia Telluride Design Almost Identical To Concept

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While some automakers like to tweak their concept to the point where the production model will look nothing like the concept when it finally arrives, Kia decided to stick with the concept that they already have for the Telluride.

The Kia Telluride was spotted getting tested out in the open and this time, the vehicle was more expose giving us the chance to see what Kia is hiding underneath. Based on what we can see, the blocky design from the concept will be carried over but the production will be softer. The grille is broader now and the headlights are larger than the ones we saw on the concept but the rest is matches what we saw a few years ago.

While Kia has not mentioned anything about the vehicle arriving soon, most people believe that we should be seeing it this year since the vehicle in the spy shots looks so close to production specification.