Kia Stinger Not To Be Overlooked

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When you talk about premium sports saloon, most people would not think of Kia at all despite the fact that they now have the Kia Stinger competing in that segment. Well, Consumer Reports has now made it clear that the Kia Stinger is not one to be ignored as they announce that the vehicle is a Proper Premium Sports Saloon but don’t expect to see it taking down rivals like the Audi A5 Sportback anytime soon.

According to Consumers Reports, the Kia Stinger’s performance is great on the track. The vehicle is firmly planted and the steering is quick. On the inside, the seats are quite comfortable and with all the premium materials and new tech that Kia has to offer, the vehicle does match what some of the premium models have to offer.

Consumers Report did point out the right back seats where passengers with six feet will find it slightly uncomfortable but the good news is with the rear seats folded down, the owner actually get an “SUV-like” cargo area.

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