Kia Stinger Base Model Not Worth Getting

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The new Kia Stinger base model will come in with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will be offering about 255hp and it comes with a $32,795 price tag. Based on what you will get for that price, the Kia Stinger base models does not sound too bad but only if you don’t mind the boring exterior color.

Although Kia will have a few color options to offer including exciting colors like blue and red, the base model will not be offered with those color. The only colors that the base models will be getting is white, black and silver.

The Kia Stinger Premium will be given one extra color, blue while the Kia Stinger GT model will be offered all the color options including dark gray and red. If you are thinking about getting the top of the range model, the vehicle is going to cost you $6450 more than the base model.

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