Kia Soul EV Matching Kona Mile By Mile?

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We are still waiting for Kia to take the covers off the Kia Soul EV but for now, it looks like we have to just settle for these new spy shots.

Although the vehicle spotted was wearing a lot fewer camo stickers now, it was still well covered up. From what we can see, the Soul EV design will not be too different from what the Soul is offering right now.

Images of the infotainment display also showed that 92% of charge left, the vehicle could still offer 271miles of range which is pretty impressive. On a full charge, it should be offering close to 292miles of range similar to what the Hyundai Kona Electric is offering right now as many believe that both these models are sharing the same electric motor.

The interior shot also showed us some of the upgrades that the new model will come with. The infotainment system has been revised. More will be revealed when we get closer to the release date.

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