Kia Proceed Production Model Is Exactly What We Need?

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We got to see the Kia Proceed concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year and it looks like Kia is getting ready to show us the production model that will be based on the concept.

The new teaser showed off the rear end of the upcoming Proceed Wagon. The vehicle in the image indicates that the vehicle will come with a low roofline and fastback rear hatch. Unlike the concept, the rearward side glass won’t wrap around the hatch glass while the spoiler has also been reshaped. The single wide bar taillight from the concept will no longer be there, instead, we will be getting some closer to what the Kia Sportage is offering right now.

According to Kia, the Kia Proceed will be making its debut at the Paris Motor Show in October but we will get to see it unveiled before that in September. As much as we liked what we are seeing right now, the fact that it is a wagon probably means that it will not be coming to the US which is such a pity.

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