Kia Niro Could Be Scared Of Its Hybrid Nature

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The Kia Niro is going to be a game changer as it will offer up a lot of room, be fun to drive and it is going to be a hybrid. However, it isn’t just a hybrid; it is the first dedicated hybrid vehicle to come from Kia. But the big question is, why isn’t the carmaker shouting it out to the world?

The main reason they could be holding back on the reveal of the Kia Niro is due to the fact that they are late comers to the hybrid game and they think that it isn’t a selling point any longer. While this may be the case it is strange that in all the ads for the vehicle it never mentions that it is a hybrid.

Kia did say that they wanted to ensure that their customers had only positive thoughts about the Kia Niro and went on to say that there was some negativity in regards to hybrids. So maybe they are just too scared of the vehicles hybrid nature to let it be revealed.

Kia seem to believe that just by highlighting the fuel economy of the Kia Niro this is going to be enough h to sell the vehicle and make it stand out above others.

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