Kia In The Works Of Making A Mustang Version Of Their Own?

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Could it be looking similarly to something like the above?

The Ford Mustang is clearly unbeatable, when we’ve already known that their sales figures have even surpassed the combined figures of all the electric vehicle in the auto segment. And that alone says a lot, isn’t it? Ford’s deserving of the title and we wouldn’t be surprised if they had opened the champagne a tad too early. But what could their response be when Kia mentioned that it wants to also create a Mustang version of their own?

Perhaps those first impressions were mostly negative, then there could be a possibility for Ford sitting down to enjoy the show to see if Kia has really what it takes to create one of their own. We’ve heard from some car enthusiasts in saying that they’d go with the idea, but also wishing that Kia could produce a somewhat 3-series vehicle at a not-so-3-series price.

That could be plausible, but it would definitely be a very bold move for Kia to want to work on a sedan which has the same mould as the BMW 3-series. So probably going back to the Mustang would be a safer and reliable choice for them. After all, nothing could go wrong in making something that’s highly inspired by the bestselling American car, right?

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this one to see if we’re on the same boat; sound off in the comments section below.

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