Kia & Hyundai To Ditch Audi-esque Styling, Genesis However…

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Both Hyundai and Kia are going to be doing away with the styling of Audi vehicles and they recently unveiled the Hyundai Genesis and the Kia Cadenza. These are going to be in competition with the Toyota Avalon. Also announced was the Hyundai Ioniq, an hybrid and electric vehicle.

Kia wants to ensure that their vehicle has a sporty image so that it will attract younger age groups, Hyundai on the other hand want to go with the styling of German elegance.

Both companies want to push luxury car revenue and sales of both have been weak on the increase thanks to demand being slow from China. However the designer of Hyundai has remained calm and composed and is doing what he is good at and this of course is designing cars.

He said that he designs by two disciplines, focusing on the functions of the car and not fighting for refinements that are small.

The Hyundai Genesis isn’t going to be tailored towards Japan, instead it will take aim at the Mercedes-Benz and other cars from Germany. He also said that six vehicles are going to be revealed within the next few years and these will includes SUVs, crossovers and sedans.

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