Kia Has A Ford Mustang Of Its Own In The Works

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We all know that the Ford Mustang is the bestselling American car, even surpassing the combined sales figures of all the electric vehicle car segment. That is indeed a big deal for Ford, and really, there’s no surprise there too. But what if we say that Kia is planning to follow the footsteps of the widely-successful Mustang by making a Mustang version of their own?

Although we’ve heard more criticisms rather than supportive ones, whereby one user was saying that he’d wish for Kia to produce a somewhat 3-series vehicle at a not-so-3-series price. Seems legit, but also seemingly difficult to achieve, that is if Kia were to take this user’s comment into consideration. Other than that, it’s quite a bold move for Kia to want to work on a sedan which has the same mood as the BMW 3-Series.

We can’t say for sure if this would totally hit rock bottom, or sprung up as one of the most anticipated bestseller in the auto industry, but we definitely can’t wait to see this happening. How much are you looking forward to see this becoming a reality?

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