Kia Diesel Hybrid Trim Could Be Binned

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Before the Volkswagen scandal hit, diesel vehicles were praised for offering up better fuel economy. Along with this EV technology was just coming to the forefront with the public.

For Kia the ultimate dream has been for them to offer up one of the very best green vehicles possible and this is a hybrid that offers up a diesel engine that is clean. Now it looks as though Kia may be about to pull the plug and ditch the diesel hybrid trim as it is looking as though the pricing might not be good enough.

Kia said that the clean diesel engine is expensive while the electric engine has become a great deal cheaper. So in other words it is looking as though they now think that a full EV is going to be better when it comes to costs and greener than the hybrid diesel engine.

Kia finished up by saying that they do still have the diesel hybrid project on the go, but they are rethinking their choice and will come up with the best possible outcome.

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