KartRider: Drift Bete Live But Not For All

KartRider: Drift the second beta is now live once more but like the first time, this will also be a close beta session so only players that have been accepted will get to download and try out the game.

The second beta will bring a few more improvements to the game including an updated UI, cleaner HUB, rearview mirror, and other changes to the game. The second wave will also bring a new character to the game called Diz along with some new courses that players can try out. There will also be some cosmetic upgrades to choose from.

New players can also try out the Racing School made which will let you try out and learn the mechanics first before jumping right now. The game also allows cross-platform so friends with different platforms can play the game together.

For those still looking to get a chance to enter the close beta, the beta code giveaway by Gamespot is still active so you might want to try your luck.