Just Cause 3 Bloated Update Explained

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If you think that Just Cause 3’s massive 1.1GB update was to fix the common bugs and glitches found in the game, think again.

Sure, it’s a pretty good game and it’s got you addicted. But you still seem quite agitated when glitches arise during gameplay. You had hoped that with the update comes with a fixture for the problems that are persisting, but they are not. Apparently, the bloated updated doesn’t seem to actually target any of the known issues, such as SLI support. And what they’ve done instead, was adding compatibility for the upcoming Sky Fortress add on to the game.

Though some Redditors have suggested that the update has improved the performance of the game significantly (less stuttering, too), there’s no denying the fact that it’s just a minor enhancement. It’s not something that’s being experienced universally; not like the bugs and glitches that most are facing.

Did you think that the update has improved anything during your gameplay?

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