Jeep Pickup Truck Could Save Jeep

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The need for a Jeep pickup truck has been debated many times on the internet, as after all there is the Ram. But following the EPA probe into Jeep it seems that the FCA is facing big losses and a Jeep pickup truck could actually save Jeep.

The Jeep pickup truck is said to be coming out next year and it should be a midsized model that has the base of the Jeep Wrangler and which takes influences from the Ram 1500. Following the probe we now expect some big changes to the pickup truck and one of them should be a different engine to take over from the diesel that was rumoured to be coming in the truck.

The Jeep pickup truck is going to offer up some features that had been forgotten, such as the open roof and being able to take it over off road terrain that is unforgiving. Jeep needs to go all out in these aspects if they want the pickup to take a big slice of the market.

The Jeep pickup truck could be very important to the company as they are looking at huge fines if they do get found guilty over cheating on diesel emissions. Pickup trucks are popular at the moment in the US and the one from Jeep should be welcomed with open arms.

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