Jaguar XJ Will Not Be Like The Rest

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The Jaguar XJ has been around for some time now so it made sense that Jaguar would be working on a new Jaguar XJ model right now. While we still do not know what to expect from Jaguar, Ian Callum, the Design Director of Jaguar did reveal they are working to make it quite “special”.

Of course, “special” could mean anything at this point and since he did not elaborate on it, we are all in the dark about what is to come. He did add that the vehicle will not be unveiled next year which is when a lot of people had expected to see the vehicle since it was the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar XJ model.

That means we might not get more information about the vehicle until 2019 or maybe late next year. Despite everything that has been going on with Jaguar, Ian Callum reassured the gans that exotic sports car will continue to be an important part of Jaguar in the future.

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