Jaguar Not Ready To Give Up On Sedans Just Yet

While some automaker has made it pretty clear that they are going to put sedan aside and focus on SUVs and trucks, it seems like Jaguar is not ready to do it yet as the automaker made it clear that they will keep on making sedans and sports cars in the future.

According to Autocar, Jaguar does not want their lineup to be dominated by crossovers and SUVs only as they want to make sure they have something to offer all their customers and they believe that while SUVs are popular, there will still be some demand for cars.

Their commitment to sedans is pretty clear as they prepared to release the next-gen XJ model which will keep its sedan body style despite rumors about it becoming an SUV. It will also be getting an all-electric powertrain.

There is also the XE and XF model which Jaguar is committed to continuing as well.