Jaguar Land Rover Want To Clear Things Up

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With all the changes that have been happening with the auto industry, the naming of the vehicles based on its engine has been getting more and more confusing but Jaguar Land Rover is looking to clear things up for their 2018 models.

According to some reports, it looks like Jaguar Land Rover is working on a new nomenclature for their vehicle. This was based on the leaked image of the F-Type prototype.

The leaked image showed that the vehicle was fitted with a P380AWD badge. Many believe that the P in the badge refers to the petrol engine that it has under the hood, the 380, on the other hand, refers to the hp of the vehicle.

It is believed that this is how Jaguar Land Rover is going to name their vehicle based on this in the future with Diesel model getting a D, EV models getting the E and Hybrid models getting an H.