Jaguar I-Pace EV: How To Know If It Is Coming?

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With electric cars now becoming more and more popular, there is another issue that automakers will have to solve. Since these cars run on electric motors, it does not generally have a noise so people won’t be able to hear it coming when they are walking along a sidewalk.

Well, Jaguar’s solution to the whole issue was to give their I-Pace a UFO inspired sound. As cool as that it, it did not work as Jaguar predicted it would since people keep looking into the sky instead of on the road when they hear the sound.

Because of that, they decided to go with a general hum sound now so that people would actually think that it could be something on the road. The sound will come from the speaker behind the grille and will change pitch and volume depending on the speed of the vehicle.

The noise will be cut off at 12mph as they say the noise of the tire and wind will be enough.

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