Jaguar E-Type Zero Not A Fantasy After All

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When Jaguar showed off the Jaguar E-Type Zero concept the last time, most people just assume that it is going to be just a concept but it looks like Jaguar has more planned for it than we expected.

It was reported that the E-Type Zero will be making it into production. The vehicle will be getting the electric powertrain from the I-Pace model which will allow for the electric conversion of vintage E-Types. With that, Jaguar is expecting to get about 170miles of range out of the vehicle.

Of course, the Jaguar E-Type Zero will most likely be offered as a limited production model. The vehicle will be built at their Coventry facility where the E-Type Reborn is built so that their customers can convert their old E-Type to electric or change the electric back to the straight six engine.

The first production E-Type Zeros will be arriving in the Summer of 2020.