Jade Empire 2 Outshined By Dragon Age

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It was rumoured that Bioware might be working on a new Jade Empire game and that has got the fans all excited but Bioware’s Creative Director has now stepped out to clear up the rumours.

According to Mark Laidlaw, while making another Jade Empire made a lot of sense, it is just not the right time to work on it now. He added that to make such a sequel, they will need to have the people that are passionate about the game on the team and most of those people are already tied with Dragon Age right now.

While this means that we will not be seeing Jade Empire anytime soon, it also suggests that there might be a Jade Empire sequel in the future as Bioware is clearly interested in the game.

However, there is no point sitting on it now because it would probably be years before they made a decision and a few more years after that before we start seeing or hearing about the game.

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