iPhone 5 Event’s “One More Thing”… An iWatch?

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Let’s face it as our phones tell us the time, wristwatches have gone out of fashion. However according to CultOfMac this could all change if Apple made a wristwatch.

Could iWatch be the next best thing since the iPhone?

Before his untimely death, Steve Jobs said that the Nano could be made so small that people could wear it on their wrists like a watch. This idea was well received and Apple now sell wristbands to support the Nano in store. In 2011 Apple launched some new clock faces for their Nano. Apple could have something more up their sleeves even tonight in the shape of a totally new Nano that could be used as a wristwatch and it could bring watches back into fashion again. So what features could the “iWatch” have that could make it as popular as an iPhone 5?

The Nano wristwatch could have Bluetooth so it could keep in contact with your iPhone. This could allow it to display information about incoming calls, caller ID, SMS messages and updates to social networking statuses.

You could use the iWatch to have conversation’s with Siri or maybe even talk through the watch like a walkie talkie when wirelessly connected to the iPhone.

You may even be able to play music over speakers nearby through Bluetooth and what if it has an iCloud connection? If it had Bluetooth it could be used with apps to monitor your heart rate and pulse.

Rumors have been going around that Apple has been working on curved glass technology and this could be used on the iWatch of course to wrap around the wrist. There have also been reports that Apple has been purchasing glass cutting equipment.

9to5mac said that they had information that the Nano had a new codename and this indicated that the device would be different. There have also been rumors of new apps being developed for it which include a stopwatch, calculator and a world clock.

Will the newly designed Nano be revealed alongside the iPhone 5 at the event tonight as that “one more thing”? It would be awesome but we wouldn’t bet on it since there have been no leaks to date.

iWatch concept

iWatch concept

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