iWatch Disappoints, Just A Stupid Wristband For Apple Users [TC]

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The iWatch will be a disappointment and will be nothing more than just a wristband. TechCrunch broke the news of how the long rumored iWatch may not be as exciting as one may have thought.

There have been many rumours going around about it coming with a flexible display and perhaps integration of Siri. However it appears that the iWatch could be nothing more than a band that connects with an existing device of your own.

TC has seen a leaked video which uses stan- ins for rehearsal of real execs and designers of Apple for the iWatch. The video shows a band that allows you to put your iPhone or iPad onto a strap, and then you can conduct business from your wrist. The band is said to have a price tag of $249 and it will be in competition with other smart watches that will be on the market. Of course to use it you will have to own the iPhone or an iPad.

TC have asked Apple for a comment; however haven’t heard anything back. Analysts are saying that the watch should be out in July, along with the upcoming iPhone 6.

Apple did say that users would have the choice to use the latest MBPs AND MBAs with the smart watch, and that this would provide a fully featured computing experience:

“We don’t want the iWatch to be all about consumption, as many have labelled iPhone and iPad,” said an Apple representative who wishes to remain anonymous. “So we’ll be letting users attach their laptops to the band.”

Apple are expecting a high uptake from creative types along with designers.

It is a shock to find out that the iWatch will be nothing more than an accessory and not a computing device in itself. Of course there is the benefit that it would save on production along with R&D for Apple. I guess all eyes are now on the iPhone 6 and whether it will be a gamechanger for Apple fans in 2013.

Update: Reader Steven has just alerted me that TechCrunch posted the iWatch story yesterday, April 1st. The site doesn’t timestamp their stories so I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out. Sorry folks!

Apple may be managing expectations on purpose, along the lines of Apple Maps. However only time will tell.

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