It’s Do Or Die For 2017 Dodge Challenger And Chrysler Pacifica

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While people are not exactly banging down the doors of dealers to get hold of cars from Fiat-Chrysler, some of their vehicles do actually become icons. The Dodge Challenger is actually known as one of the best US pony cars.

The Chrysler Pacifica is another vehicle from the carmaker that is doing very well as it is going to be offered in hybrid form. The Dodge Challenger and the Chrysler Pacifica are two vehicles that are great to own, however there is the risk that both could go extinct.

We already have some idea from the FCA that they could stop production of both vehicles thanks to there being a supply surplus. It was then revealed that both the Chrysler Pacifica and the Dodge Challenger hadn’t been performing very well in sales.

Things are now even worse for the car maker as they are being investigated into cheating on diesel emissions with Ram and Jeep and if they were to be found guilty then FCA is going to get a huge penalty that will make a big dent in their bank account.

At the moment the FCA is in something of a bad state, but at least production of the Dodge Challenger and the Chrysler Pacifica has been reinstated. It is looking as though the carmaker is going to have to re-strategize if they want to make big gains or they could risk folding during 2018.

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