Is This The Kia GT or Ford Mustang GT? [PICS]

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We know that Kia are going to be offering up the Kia GT as they are putting the concept into production and we may have seen the vehicle being tested over in Germany, or is it the Ford Mustang GT?

We have been shown spy photos that show us that the Kia GT is going to have rakish lines that were seen on the concept vehicle. So we can expect to see a four door coupe with headlights that take on a very interesting shape, similar to those in the concept, with a look that is perhaps more focused for the production version.

Towards the back of the Kia GT the spy photos showed us that the vehicle differs from the concept in that the taillights that spanned the vehicle have now been taken over by conventional lamps. The tailpipes do shout out performance vehicle, while the fascia at the back also takes on a more conventional look to it than what we saw in the concept.

We have been told that the Kia GT has a shorter rear drive platform and we are expecting that it will be able to take on the BMW 4 Series GranCoupe. The engine may be the V6 twin turbocharged that should offer up anything from between 365 horses to 400 in the top range version.

We expect that the Kia GT will be making its debut at the Paris Motor Show and it may be on sale in just under one year. Check out the spy shots and let us know what you think.

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